Assuming, just assuming you were to burn a pile of leaves and force yourself to inhale the smoke. It would be torture. To ensure that smoking cigarettes is different cigarette producers add up to 600 substances to the tobacco produce and the cigarette filters. Some of these supplements lead to a faster intake of the nicotine in to the blood circulation and therefore a faster effect on the brain (“kick”). Other substances reduce coughing and pain and also enable children to inhale the smoke more deeply. With the help of different sugars tobacco companies cover the strong taste of tobacco to make it even more enjoyable.

Meanwhile the industry really has image problems. Not without reason did the Marlboro-Person disappear. He just doesn’t belong anymore. But do we now, instead of him, have the innovative iCigarette with Bluetooth connection to the iWatch?

Apparently not. Doesn’t seem to fit in to the time period either.

All the same the vaporing is making the industry nervous. In this game of billions the potential of massive loses of profits exists. They claim that e-cigarettes, like cigarettes, just supply nicotine and are otherwise harmless. Supposedly they contain no truly poisonous and carcinogenic substances. But that hasn’t really been researched. It is apparent that they are trying to cause confusion on the internet.

Similar to climate change.

 To take a clear position: Nobody here is trying to advertize e-cigarettes. Nicotine is a nerve poison and will remain so, no matter in which form it is consumed. Although E-cigarettes seem to have what it takes to spoil things for the tobacco mafia. Tobacco producers are increasingly turning to substitutions such as the E-cigarette because of the reduction of cigarette consumption worldwide. But the things aren’t sexy and you appear much more addicted and not as cool as Mr. Marlboro or the Gauloises freedom fighters. For that young people have a good sensibility. It is unnecessary to underline the fact that E-cigarettes can also be a “gateway drug”.  As a withdrawal drug they also seem to have potential. Contrary to nicotine patches and chewing gum the breaking of habits and oral stimulation (sucking on a patch or chewing gum) is not as radical and from one day to the next. But they corrupt the ritual.

A not to be underestimated part of the nicotine addiction consists of habits and social rituals. Imagine you were to re-film the challenge with our “Hot Potato”-scene. Would it work? Simply the giving away of an E-cigarette would be a 30 Euro investment. That can add up. But your friends aren’t going to give up that easy. They count on E-cigarettes, which are desperately being promoted to group experiences. You can vaporize all sorts of things. It doesn’t have to be nicotine. The most important thing is the profit. According to “Der Stern” the Dutch are ahead of everyone else. As you can see you are being taken care of, or much more your money. Don’t lose faith and turn your backs. You just can’t be relied on anymore.

What about shishas?

Is the water pipe also harmful to your health?

Asks The answer: Yes! The smoking of water pipes (shishas) is just as harmful as the smoking of a cigarette. Tobacco smoke is a poisonous mix, including that of a water pipe.

When smoking, poisonous and carcinogenic substances end up deep in your lungs. Tobacco smoke contains poisons and many different combustion products. Many of these substances are also contained in the smoke of water pipes.


Can infectious diseases be transmitted through the smoking of water pipes?

Yes! Although the tobacco in the water pipes is not burned directly like in a cigarette, but rather carbonized at low temperatures, poisonous substances such as acetaldehyde, acrolein or benzol are still created in high concentrations. The numerous supplements in the shisha tobacco such as sugar and syrup or wetting agent make it even more dangerous when smoked. The legislature knows this. In Switzerland smoking in public under the age of 18 is now prohibited – the water pipe too!

Can infectious diseases be transmitted through the smoking of water pipes?

Yes! Water pipes are often used by a number of people simultaneously. Saliva remains on the mouth peace. The saliva can contain harmful germs that can be passed on if more than one person uses the same mouth piece. Through the smoking of shishas infectious diseases can be transmitted: cold sores (herpes), jaundice (hepatitis) and the lung disease tuberculosis.


Doesn’t the water filter out the harmless substances?

No! The water in the shisha just cools the smoke so it doesn’t scratch in the throat when inhaled. The water can’t clean the smoke though. Through the water pipes smoke you can partly even take in more poisons than with filter-less cigarettes. These include heavy metals like chromium, nickel, cobalt and lead. Heavy metals are poisonous for humans as they sediment in the bones and fat tissue because the human body can’t degrade them. The concentration of poison increases.

Does the smoking of water pipes lead to addiction too?

Yes! When smoking water pipes you take in even more nicotine than you would through smoking cigarettes and that is just as addictive as smoking cigarettes.


Does tar also end up in the lung?

Yes! Even though the tobacco package says “contains 0g of tar” or “contains 0% tar” it doesn’t mean that tar doesn’t end up in your lung through the smoking of shishas. This is dangerous deception. The tar is not in the tobacco but is created through its burning!

The tar from the smoking of cigarettes or shishas ends up in the lung tissue.


Do you endanger others when smoking shishas?

Yes! The smoking of water pipes in closed rooms also harms the health of others because just like with the smoking of cigarettes poisons are set free into the air. The pollutants also irritate the airways of other people in the room and can cause the same diseases like for example asthma attacks, heart conditions and even lung cancer, as though they were smoking themselves.

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