One can really make mistakes in life. She seems to look cool. She probably goes down well with everyone too. But if you really think about it, maybe not such a great idea...?

Sometimes less is more. But if it only were this easy all the time. She started with a single tattoo. With a small one and it wasn’t even on her cleavage or her neck. After the second one came a third and so on.

But tattoos aren’t the topic right now. We want to talk about serious problems: Cigarettes, e-shishas and things like that. But there are by all means parallels in the addiction dynamic. For example that in this case less would be more… as you know.


The challenge we have taken upon ourselves is not to annoy or bore you. The first among you are already starting to get glassy eyes and we won’t be able to lose the “we’re only trying to help”-scent. But we’re not going to mince the matters because of that.


If we tell you something uncomfortable, then that’s just how it is. We don’t like bad compromises either. The smokers statistic is luckily declining. But those who believe that they’re not being included, because smoking pot isn’t really smoking, can go and tell their barber about it. As soon as tobacco is involved, so is nicotine which has its natural effects. Addiction has its own rules and overly smart people have always been around. “Party smokers” who are seemingly able to effortlessly stay clear of cigarettes for weeks at a time and only smoke at parties, will tip to one side or another sooner or later.


Everything aiming to euphemize is problematic: Nicotine-containing liquid in e-cigarettes does not turn harmless just because it can smell like oranges, raspberries or apricots. We will get to water pipes in the “SOLUTIONS”,  in case any illusions exist.


But we will also bolster and support you as well as name arguments. Let’s go.


You haven’t started smoking  yet or you want to quit?


Congrats! You are avoiding serious health damage such as cancer, smoker’s lung and smoker’s leg. Here you will learn what can help you quit smoking. Do hypnosis, acupuncture, nicotine patches and therapies help?


This info graphic shows what happens to your body, when you smoke a cigarette.



Click on the icons

  • Smoking causes your skin to age faster. Due to the impaired blood circulation smokers often look pale. In addition nicotine prevents the formation of collagen, which firms the skin. Therefore the skin wrinkles, tears and as a result inflames faster.

  • The chemicals in tobacco smoke irritate the walls of the blood vessels. The body defends itself and inflammations are the result. Arteriosclerosis develops. The vessels narrow and the heart and legs experience a bad blood circulation. The consequences can be heart attacks, strokes and smoker’s leg. Additionally smoking raises the blood pressure

  • Smoking increases the risk of impotence and erectile dysfunction. Through the blood the poison in the cigarette smoke spreads throughout the whole body. In the testicles it stunts the growth and development of sperm. They are therefore often smaller and not as agile as those of nonsmokers.

    The tobacco smoke also impairs the ability of blood vessels to narrow or widen themselves if necessary. For an erection that is indispensable.

  • Smoking causes physical and psychological addiction. The nicotine in the tobacco frees neurotransmitters in the brain, which initially trigger a sense of well-being, lower stress and fear and make smokers awake and active. The mean thing: The body gets used to the nicotine and increasingly higher dosages are required in order to reach the level of neurotransmitters of a nonsmoker.

  • Smokers often have problems with the blood circulation of their extremities. This is especially noticeable in the small blood vessels in the fingers and toes. As a result smokers often have cold fingers and feet. Fingernails tear and discolor.

  • The eye’s blood vessels are extremely sensitive and are damaged by cigarettes. The tobaccos cytotoxin corrodes the optic nerve. In addition photoreceptors have a high demand of nutrient and oxygen. If they receive insufficient blood, it can lead to blindness.

  • In a smoker’s lung the natural immune function doesn’t work very well: Harmful substances, dirt and dust can deposit more easily. Smoking and passive smoking foster asthma. The tobacco smoke inflames the airways. The affected increasingly suffer from shortness of breath. Especially exhaling becomes more difficult.

  • Smokers can often have yellow teeth. The mucus membranes in the mouth suffer from the poisonous smoke, which makes it easy for pathogenic germs. In addition, smokers often fall sick to periodontitis. The inflammation of gums and tooth bed weaken the periodontium and teeth fall out easier.

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