Hot potatoe or should we directly have said mirror neurons?


What are these strange things? Mirror neurons are a widely branched system of specific nerve cells in our brain. These nerve cells are activated by the presence of other people and awaken the feelings or body states of the others in ourselves. So mirror neurons are the neurobiological basis for our intuitive knowledge and for the understanding of what other people are feeling. They tell us what people in our proximity are feeling and let us feel their happiness or pain.

This for example causes you to have to yawn when someone else in our presence yawns. Or that a smile feels contagious. Like this stewardesses charmingly manage language barriers because for this the brain even has its own area.


Mating dance

The phenomenon of looking for and creating similarities also plays a big role in mating behavior. In the phase of nervousness a cigarette - smoked together – can create exactly this synchronicity. At the same time you feed each other when you offer the other a cigarette. Then both have something to hold on to, both make the same ritual movements and both experience the same chemical mini-kick.

But what if only one of the two smokes? Then it doesn’t really work. One of the two doesn’t intuitively get what the other is doing. But the anticipation can quickly turn in to distance. Hence it is better to know both variants. But this is an illusion because for the first variant the price you pay is addiction and so the second one does not remain an option. As those who convulsively try to deny oneself to smoke don’t seem sexy. If both are nonsmokers the problem doesn’t even exist. And cross your heart: If there aren’t stronger magnets at work, that don’t need similar smoking rituals, then it’s questionable anyways. Not to mention the kiss flavor. No comparison!

Become rich and famous  But before the prize the gods, as is well known, distribute tasks: Ours is rather challenging: We are going to assume, that one of you has a smart phone with which you can film videos with reasonable quality. Great you don’t need any more equipment.


Your Job is filming the short clip on the right hand side yourselves. The challenge is that you can’t use cigarettes. Virtually freehand. The location should be similar, cars driving by are not a problem and dogs may walk through the shot. The people know where to look. So don’t stress yourselves with finical aesthetic but show our two film stars how resourceful one has to be without requisites. It is not so easy.


You will learn what there is to win ;-)

Besser ohne

Besser ohne

Besser ohne