You meet up with your clique. Hanging out together, a little chatting  and it doesn’t take long for the first pack of cigarettes to appear in someone’s hand. Everyone takes one.  And you? It’s a big temptation. As it really is cool leaning casually on the bar, the cigarette loosely stuck in between your fingers. There’s something about smoking. It’s still rebellious, unadjusted and in a way outlawed. But careful: YOLO! This is why we want you to learn everything about smoking.


We are Claudia Bauer-Kemeny, Michael Kreuter und Felix Herth from the thorax clinic in Heidelberg. We don’t want to bore you with a plain book or lecture. You should have fun while informing yourselves on smoking and its consequences.


Modern communication devices, social networks and the internet play a big role in your life. That is why we edited an interactive eBook for you. The logo “betterwithout” already reveals what it’s trying to say. Read it: The texts aren’t boring and in addition it’s really colorful with videos, interviews, photos and animated graphics. Sometimes you can even join in. You can read your eBook directly on your browser. Optimize it for your tablets. If you’re currently out with your Smartphone – no problem. You can even find every article as audio-files at “”.


If you think our eBook is so cool that you want to recommend it to your international friends then go ahead: We also have translations of other languages in form of audio-files.


Now we wish you lots of fun while reading and passing it on because not YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! For that reason better without ;)


Claudia Bauer-Kemeny,

Michael Kreuter,

Felix J. Herth

Besser ohne

Besser ohne

Besser ohne